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Youth Volunteers

Interested in volunteering, but under the age of 18?

We offer several options for students under the age of 18 to become involved with the Humane Rescue Alliance.

  • Teenagers 13 – 17 years old, register for Teenage Ambassadors In Leadership & Service (TAILS) , a unique program, developed specifically for teens who care about animals. TAILS provides opportunities for exploration, fact-finding, and creativity. While there are no hands-on animal interactions, students who complete the series of workshops become confident animal advocates ready and able to speak up for animals.
  • Complete one or more of these offsite projects and deliver the results to our 71 Oglethorpe Street NW adoption center. You may even request a signature for Student Service Learning paperwork.
  • Host a supply drive. There are lots of ways to give to the Humane Rescue Alliance and coordinating the donation of needed goods and supplies is always appreciated.
  • Learn about our humane education programs, which encourage students to speak up for animals rather than accept the role of passive observers. The program empowers children to do good, but also puts them on a path to becoming more thoughtful, empathetic, civic-minded citizens.

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