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Our Team

Humane Rescue Alliance

Lisa LaFontaine
President and Chief Executive Officer 

Scott Giacoppo 
Chief Community Animal Welfare Officer

Andrew Platou 
Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Shain 

Chief Operating Officer

David Smith 
Chief Communications Officer

Beau Archer
Director of Strategic Operations

Alexandra Dilley
Director of Behavior & Training

Debbie Duel
Director of Humane Education

Mary Jarvis
Senior Director of Operations (Oglethorpe)

Carol King
Director of Community Philanthropy

Lauren Lipsey
Director of Rehoming

Zita Macinanti
Director of Humane Law Enforcement

Alexandra Miller
Director of Community Engagement

Emily Miller
Director of Special Events

Beth Mullen
Director of Behavior and Training

Ray Noll
Director of Animal Control

Catherine Oh
Director of Human Resources

Alison Putnam
Director of Finance & Administration

Dani Rizzo
Digital Director

Claudia Roll
Senior Director of Operations (New York Avenue)

Maureen Sosa
Director of Intake

Matt Williams
Senior Director of Communications

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