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Stories of True Redemption – and Why Michael Vick Shouldn’t be Honored by the NFL

About fifteen years ago, when I was the CEO of New Hampshire’s Monadnock Humane Society , our director of operations called me at home and asked, “Are you sitting down?” Calls that began with that question typically meant bad news, but nothing could have prepared me for what followed. She told me that my former foster dog, a beautiful black shepherd named Cheyenne, had been shot in the head. First, I felt sick, then I cried, and then I was filled with rage. Cheyenne was... Read More
at Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Renewing the Fight for Prince George’s Pit Bulls

On October 22nd, the Prince George’s County Council voted to keep its 22-year-old pit bull ban in place, sealing the fate of hundreds of innocent dogs over the next year until we can resume the fight during the 2020 council session.  Just a week before this vote, the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee had unanimously approved an amendment that would have repealed the ban. However, during the council meeting on the 22nd, councilmembers Mel Franklin... Read More
Posted by Dani Rizzo at Thursday, October 31, 2019

Disaster Preparedness: How Working Together Saves More Lives

As Hurricane Dorian overwhelmed their shelter, the staff members of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama desperately stacked crates of cats and put dogs on any high surface they could find as flood waters poured into their shelter. It was only when the water reached their necks that the heroic employees pulled one another into a small crawl space in the attic. They listened to the cries of the animals in their care as the water level grew higher and higher. Then, there was silence. Those of us... Read More
at Friday, September 13, 2019

Pit Bull Bans Have No Place in a Humane Community

Just over twelve years ago, when I was interviewing for the job of CEO for the Washington Humane Society (WHS) in Washington, DC, I was given a tour of the New York Avenue shelter. When we walked in the front door, I saw a family sitting with their pit bull/boxer-type dog. I smiled when I saw him because he reminded me so much of my own dog Nicholas. The shelter I was running in New Hampshire cared for so many dogs who looked like this, and it always made me feel good to walk through my... Read More
at Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Creating a Culture of Collaboration in Animal Welfare

Like many who work in animal welfare, I started in a different industry. I began my career as the Director of Communications for a small insurance company in New Hampshire. Through a series of strategic alliances and mergers, that small insurance company grew into a national company with eight subsidiaries in 47 states. With every merger, we took the best elements of each of the companies, invested in their growth, and left the underperforming parts of each organization behind. The result was a... Read More
at Monday, July 8, 2019