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Helene Jorgensen

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Helene Jorgensen

Helene Jorgensen of Happy Pack Dog TrainingHelene Jorgensen (CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA) is a veterinarian-recommended, certified canine behavior professional in Washington DC. She works with clients and their dogs to effectively address problem behaviors. Helene specializes in canine behavior concerns related to fear, phobias and aggression, including barking, leash reactivity,  lunging, jumping, chewing, noise phobias, house soiling, resource guarding, and multi-pet conflicts. Her puppy program focuses on raising a friendly puppy and preventing common behavior problems in adulthood.


Helene offers in-home consultations for clients in NW DC and parts of NE (north of Rhode Island). She welcomes dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and personalities.


  • Certified Behavior Canine Consultant (CBCC-KA), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

In-Home Private Session Rate for Dogs Older than 6 Months:

Clients will receive a written evaluation of the behavior problem, a training plan, handouts describing the training exercises, and hands-on instructions. To successfully address the behavior concern, the client is expected to practice the training exercises daily with their dog and continue the training after the completion of the program itself.

The behavior modification program combines positive reinforcement training with relaxation exercises, and counter-conditioning - meaning changing how the dog feels and responds to something - to address leash reactivity (dogs, people, noises), lunging, excessive barking, destructive chewing, jumping, over-excitement, poor impulse control, fearfulness, noise-phobias, resource guarding, compulsive behaviors, house-soiling, and multi-pet disagreement.

For Puppies 6 Months and Younger:

The Puppy Training & Socialization Program consists of four in-home sessions. It covers intro to dog training, leash walking, house training, mouthing, chewing, and nipping; as well as socialization and handling. It is for puppies 6 months and younger.

For Leash Reactive Dogs

We begin by evaluating your dog's reactivity and determine the observable triggers for the reactivity. We teach your dog the foundation skills in the home. We then take the training to the streets in your local neighborhood. Clients will receive a written training plan, hands-on instruction, and handouts explaining the training exercises. And dogs will receive guidance, treats, and lots of praise. To successfully address the reactivity issue, the client is expected to practice the training exercises daily with their dog and continue the training after the completion of the program itself.

Helene sees clients from 10 am to 4 pm from Wednesday through Sunday as well as Tuesday afternoon.

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