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Group Volunteers

We create a volunteer experience tailored for your group at one of our adoption centers—bringing you right into the heartbeat of what we do. Join the community of compassion that enables us to serve more than 60,000 animals a year, without ever turning a D.C. animal away.

In addition to their acts of service onsite, group volunteers fundraise in advance or facilitate a gift from their organization so that they can sponsor animals they meet during their time with us. Promoting their sponsored animals on social media can be hugely impactful in finding a deserving animal a forever home more quickly, while providing a great example of service to the community.

Make a meaningful difference to the animals of DC as a team!

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Benefits for businesses organizing a group volunteer activity:

A 2011 Gallup survey shows that 71 percent of American workers are not engaged in their current positions, with 19 percent of the workforce “actively disengaged” ( However, companies are discovering a surefire way to increase employee engagement: corporate volunteer programs. These programs allow employers to connect with their workforces by supporting charitable pursuits important to their employees.

How does workplace volunteering translate into better workplace engagement?

  • Employee development
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Improved communication
  • Building brand awareness
  • Improved employee retention

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