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Foster Care at HRA

A robust and generous network of foster homes makes it possible for us to care for more animals with a broad range of specific care needs—from orphaned kittens who need round-the-clock feedings to cats and dogs for whom the shelter environment is too stressful and does not allow them to exhibit their true personalities.

HRA takes in an average of 30 animals per day. The team works around the clock to provide for all of the animals in our care, but our shelter space and resources are limited. By placing an animal with perhaps specialized care needs into a home to be fostered, our staff can continue to provide the care and attention that every single animal who enters our care deserves.

Thinking of Becoming a Foster Parent?

Foster parents fulfill a critical component of our life-saving work. Any individual, family, or business with the compassion and willingness to help animals-in-need can apply to serve as a foster parent. Foster terms can range from a few days or weeks to a month or more, depending on the preferences of the foster parent and the needs of the animal. We are always in need of foster homes for the most at risk animal populations, including:

  • Moms with nursing kittens or puppies
  • Orphaned kittens and puppies
  • Animals too young for spay/neuter
  • Animals recovering from surgery or who are sick
  • Animals who need behavior training or socialization
  • Animals too shy or timid in the adoption center environment

In addition to helping the most at risk populations of animals, HRA's foster department offers several specialized programs designed to support our most vulnerable animal populations.

  • In Real Life — focuses on learning about our population of dogs over 40 pounds through a short 2-3 day stay in a foster home.
  • Safe Haven — working with our Humane Law Enforcement department, foster parents assist survivors of domestic violence by caring for their pet while they make arrangements for a new living situation.
  • Humane Heroes  — supporting our Humane Law Enforcement department, foster parents welcome abused and neglected animals for 30 days.
  • Neonatal Nursery — caring for our tiniest of felines, this program provides our foster parents the opportunity to either take in, or bottle feed, in shelter, orphaned kittens under four weeks of age.

Apply to be a Foster Parent

If you are interested in becoming a foster for HRA, please complete the foster care application, online. Upon receipt of the application, the foster care department will contact you and, if approved, invite you to attend a foster care orientation. If you’re ready, we’ll even do our best to send you home from orientation with your first foster animal!



For more information review our frequently asked questions page or contact our foster department directly.

Phone: 202-576-6664

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