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Category: Success Story

A Journey to Happiness: Ming and Bambina

Ming and Bambina arrived at the Humane Rescue Alliance in the spring of 2016. Although they were each found separately by different people on different dates, they both faced similar challenges. They were very young - about four weeks old - when they were found and they had a common congenital condition called eyelid agenisis. This means one or both eyelids fail to develop properly and the cats are therefore unable to completely close their eyes. This causes the eyes to become dried out,... Read More
at Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Fairy Tale Ending for Julep

Julep was surrendered to the Humane Rescue Alliance in February after her owner passed away, a relatively common situation.  What made her situation unique was her age. At 18 years old, she was, we believe, the oldest dog we’ve ever had in our care. Not surprisingly, Julep became something of a celebrity among staff and volunteers. “She was really sweet,” says adoptions counselor Joel Lopez. “She liked to lay on you…pretty much an oversized... Read More
at Monday, December 11, 2017

The Special Animals of HRA Staff

Special. When it comes to animals that share our lives, this adjective can mean many things. It may relate in some way to the strength and intensity of the relationship we have with them. It also may refer to an unusual or unique ability or personality trait. And sometimes an animal earns “special” status because of a physical abnormality or disability. No matter what the reason for this designation, it’s fair to say that many people consider their animal companions to be... Read More
at Thursday, August 31, 2017

Roger Marmet on Lisa LaFontaine’s 10th Anniversary

By: Roger Marmet | Chairman of the Board of Directors, Humane Rescue Alliance I’m excited to note that August 6 marks a very special anniversary for the Humane Rescue Alliance’s President and CEO Lisa LaFontaine , as we celebrate her 10th year in Washington, DC.  But this is not only a notable anniversary for Lisa. This marks a watershed moment for animal welfare in the Washington, DC region. On this date in 2007, Lisa began her tenure guiding the future of the... Read More
at Sunday, August 6, 2017

HRA Overwhelmed with Support from Public During Flooding

The Humane Rescue Alliance would like to thank our friends and supporters for their tremendous and generous outpouring of support over the weekend. Our New York Avenue facility suffered flooding in some of our dog kennels, forcing us to move the dogs from those particular dens to safe, dry places. Thanks to the outstanding coordination by our entire team, our animals were never in danger and did not suffer any ill-effects from the flooding. However, the water surge caused us to lose a... Read More
at Monday, July 31, 2017

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